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Before start, I want to spend few words thanking Go4IT. He did a spectacular job creating the wiki section of Mondeo which helped me to understand the retrofit steps.

Also he give me all the tips in order to achieve my goal.

Thanks mate!!

I'am the owner of a Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Tdci, purchased new on 2007. After many years, I decided to give it a new internal look, so I start to study what could I have done. For several months, after reading many forums and seeing many video, I decided to focus my attention in TalkFord and mk4-wiki.denkdose forums where there are many useful experiences for my project.

Let's start!

This was my starting setup:



Basic cluster, Sony Radio without bluetooth-usb and wood style trims in the dashboard and doors.

The goal is to change cluster with Convers+, Sony Radio with MCA with rear camera, all trims with aluminum style, and add bluetooth with USB.

For first step I bought a 2nd hand Convers+ cluster, with p/n 7M2T-10849-CF for around 115 Euros.

Very simple steps for replacement, that you can read in many topics.



The only issue is the mileage. I change my old with around 180000 km but new one have 293.000!!!

I think I have to buy a mileage programmer, or someone have some idea?

Second step, I want to replace all trims! My car is RH drive, and the trim in the seat in front of the passenger are different compared to UK Mondeo.

I have found few sales adverts on ebay, but all very expensives. So I decide to proceed with wrapping it.

This was the first time I wrap something, but the result is quite satisfactory.

For wrapping the passenger trim and the two trims in the doors, I bought the original 3M 1080 film (60x50 cm) with aluminum brushed pattern for around 25 euros. It is not perfect match the color of the original trim, but it is also very nice to the touch.

First, unmount the glove box and you have to tighten with pliers the 4 clips. It is difficult because of the position, you have to enter in the space of the glove box!

Second, unmount the door panel and here I found the surprise! The trim is fixed with melted plastic in 4 cylindric points. I try to use the termal gun without success, so I decided to use the drill, paying attention on the force in order to avoid any damage.






Not perfect but not bad right?!!!

Third step: dash trims, MCA and Bluetooth.

I bought:

  • New Support Assy Rear - FINIS p/n 1772622 for around 70€
  • 2nd hand Trim with RH hole for start button, centre console and black ashtray 12V socket, for about 120€ (all from a 2010 Mondeo, I don't remember P/N sorry);
  • 2nd hand Bluetooth module 8M5T-19C112-DS FOR 50€ (It is in Spanish language, it is possible to update the software with Italian version?);
  • 2nd hand gear shift cover 7S71-A044H82 for about 35€;
  • NEW GPS Antenna with fakra connector for 12€;
  • 2nd hand MIC P/N 8M5T-19A391-AB FOR 20€;
  • NEW FAKRA-ISO adaptor for antenna, 10€;
  • NEW FAKRA-RCA adaptor for rear camera 10€;
  • NEW start button cover FINIS p/n 1732725 20€
  • 2nd hand MCA2 p/n BS7T-18K931-AL for 390€
  • 2nd hand climate control 7S7T-18C612-FK FOR 70€
  • NEW rear camera "CAR ROVER" 17€

My car doesn't come with Bluetooth, so I had to create new dedicated harness with the instruction founded in this forums (and the Go4IT tips)!.


In my case, after final assembly, the ground loop isolator was creating some interferences, so I decided to unmount it and all was perfectly done.

This is the final result:



The centre console doesn't fit because it isn't a plug and play part. What I have to do is to cut every internal support in the console in order to perfectly fit.



Now remaining two issues: GPS don't want to work and the rear camera show only black and white images!!!

I fix the GPS in the front grille


But I tried to get it outside of the car, and nothing to do, it doesn't work. Any ideas?


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I forgot to write that Conver+ was updated by Conversmod team!

Update: Camera now partially works but there are spare intrerferences.

GPS still KO :( :(

@go4it any suggestion?

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Now remaining two issues: GPS don't want to work and the rear camera show only black and white images!!!

I fix the GPS in the front grille

But I tried to get it outside of the car, and nothing to do, it doesn't work. Any ideas?
Are you sure the GPS antenna is ok?
I've got my cheapo ebay antenna tucked away in the glovebox and never had any trouble getting satellite fix.
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