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pull 2.5 v6 engine from top

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gonna pull a 2.5 v6 engine from the top
looks like its gonna be tight
any tips?

axles are in with a circlip?

can the intermediate shaft stay on the block?

engine is beeing hold by 4 motor mounts?

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hi speed, yes u can pull the engine from the top, remember to disconnect everything, that way u dont break anything important,

the driveshafts will pop out of the gearbox, and held by the circlip, so u will need to knock them out,

yes 4 mounts are on the car, 2 on the bottom, one one on the rear near gearbox and one on front of gearbox, and the two on top, drivers side engine and pass side gearbox side,

pop the shift cables off the gearbox bracket, and also take off the clutch hydraulic pipe off the gearbox nipple, held by a circlip that way u dont break these,

make sure the y pipe is disconnected from the cat, u might even need to take off the y pipe itself but not that hard to do,

take off the power steering pump and put it to the side or undo the union on the high pressure hose and leave the pump on,

undo the 3 bolts holding the air con pump on the engine and put it to one side,

and unplug the lambda sensors x 2 from the main loom on the rear of the engine, as well as disconnect the wires to the starter motor and earth on the gearbox,

might help with removing the battery and tray to give you some more space,

tie a seatbelt or heavy duty rope or chain on the engine lifting eyes, and pull the engine but have a friend there to see if anything is in the way, u might have to move the engine front and back, side to side to clear the gearbox and other bits, but it will come out, do it slowly and as said have a friend there to see if anything was forgotten or connected, and pull it slowly, until u can see the engine is comming out ;)

good luck with it hope this helps :)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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