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Purchased a Mondeo, Help appreciated.

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Hi there guys...

I seem to have stumbled upon an exceptionally rare Mondeo. Now this is a genuine car... ex-demonstrator from Ford of Swindon and the V5 confirms this rare combination of Engine and Specification. In fact it's so rare, that the insurance company cannot find this model of Mondeo and it's listed as a 1.8SCi but this is a 2003- MK3 Mondeo but this is besides the point.

I managed to purchase a 12/2000 registered Mondeo but that's not the best part or at least I think so it's 1.8 Factory Fitted LPG Engine... with the boggling Ghia X specification. Now this is how it left the factory this isn't some LX with an interior bodged in, this is actually a 1.8 Zetec-E hardened valve seats and an LPG kit... In fact I can tell it's not a LPG conversion and factory kit and the changeover button is an OEM switch next to the seat heater and TCS switch and when running on gas the fuel gauge changes from how much petrol is in it to how much gas... Brillant really! Although the 2.5 V6 is naturally better but it's nice to have it all factory fitted and original I feel.

I wonder how many of these were made, all I can say is I'm proud to own a MK2 Mondeo, especially in Panther Black and especially of such a High Specification, it even has rear discs which I was happy with for a mere 1.8 as well as 16'' alloys as the 2.5 v6 ghia x had on, the only noticable different between this and the 2.0 or v6 ghia x is that mine above the mondeo badging on the boot has a little green leaf, to subtle advertise the Duel fuel status.

Anyways... Pleased to join here... hope to be helpful and seek some good advice... especially regarding what I should insure this car as...
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nice car btw, certainly very rare to have lpg as standard. we were talking a while ago about the lpg switch/button by the ashtray, can you post up a pic of it please? as its the switch that 99% dont have- and instead we have to put up with a blank! dont even know what it looks like!

with regards your insurance, maybe someone with more knowle will come along. or you could try in the insurance section further down?

thanks :)
I got rear discs on my 1.8lx as standard.

As said post up a pic of the switch.
Will post a picture of the switch ASAP.
cool thanks. we'll hound you if you dont :} :)
When I was hunting around to buy a Mondeo MK II in early 2001 I did actually come across one with factory-fitted LPG fuel option.

However, as already said, they are incredibly rare, especially now. From what I can recall at the time I believe this option (which was in the catalogue) put about £1000 onto the new list price if requested.
How do I upload pictures here guys... each forum platforms seems to be different! Still need to polish up the car and sort some teething problems out i.e cooling and extending cranking to start issue... but things are going well so far.
Most people use photobucket which has a drop down list on photo's to publish in forums HTH :L
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