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Hi guys, new to the forum (first post/thread... hope I'm doing this right).

Was just wondering if anyone was thinking of going on any sort of cross country rallies at all, and if there's any you think might be worth looking at?

Just signed up to my first one (company called Pure Rally), which is going down to Ibiza (three days of partying there), which I'm absolutely buzzing for.

Anyone else heard of it or signed up to/thinking of signing up to it? Might be worth checking out if you're interested in track days too, starts with one at Dunsfold.

If anyone's going or thinking of going, what sort of cars would you be taking? Just out of curiosity! :lol:

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Putting aside the obvious spam (Lisa with a Mini Cooper registered on talkFORD), and assuming that you're not in it for the cheap pin-ups pimped out to market the 'rally'... I can't see anything beyond a brief track day and driving on a lot of motorways to get to some clubs.

I know Pure Rally has seen some success, which is great, unless the majority of those members are expecting to have a propper drivers experience.

So with that in mind, how will your route cater for them? European motorways are very dull at the best of times.

I'm no fool; I know that motorways will always take a role in European rallies, otherwise you won't be able to make up the miles within the allocated time... but the routes you have marketed don't seem to take in to consideration the driving experience... Which is essentially what a rally is actually about.

Some, in fact most will suggest that your rally is expensive, and from experience in running such events I would disagree with them to a degree. I think there is value in what you're offering for some, but not for people expecting a driving experience.

What 'drivers roads' have you included along your route?
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