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R Reg Mk2> How long does it have left?

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I have a Mk2 2.0 Hatchback R reg Mondeo.
It has done 107'000 miles. The only parts it has had replaced in it's life are cambelts (50, 100k), water pump (100k), Front Discs (50k), indicator relay (107k). All the rest is original.

If I keep this vehicle for another 50k what is likely to fail. The vehicle runs fine and I don't cane it however there is a slight whine when pulling away coming from the clutch. I'm guessing it will need a new clutch, probably front rubber suspension bushes, new front shocks (dips a little under braking). Is there anything cheap I should consider replacing or should I just keep going until it blows up.

I was planning on replacing the old girl but as it runs fine after all these years and what with the recession I'm probably going to keep it for at least 12-24 months - 20k.


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Will last as long as you want it too as long as you look after it.

You may find brake pipes may need replacing at some point. The front to rear pipes corrode where they go over the petrol tank. May be worth rubbing them down and greasing them now to prevent this :L
well i used to have a p reg 2L ghia which just had over 140k. I was only the 3rd owner. In the 6 years i had her only major thing to go wrong was the exhaust. That was the original from new. Also had the original headgasket and waterpump. Engine was still full of life.
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