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Radiator fan running randomly

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Hi All

I have had 2012 1.6 ecoboost for 6 years. Over the winter and spring I have noticed the cooling fan has started switching itself on and off seemingly at random. On one occasion it carried on running after the ignition was off until I pulled the battery terminal. There seems to be no pattern to it, engine hot or cold.

There is a slight drop in revs when it comes on at idle.

It will come on for say 10 seconds then go off again. No fault codes shown on forscan.

And suggestions on where to start looking ?

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Check the coolant temperature sensor first.
Don't trust the dash gauge, use an OBDII reader to check the temperature or dash diagnostics if that
shows the temperature digitally.

Seen a few Ford gauges show normal with an overheating engine. Also double check the coolant level
dipping something into the coolant tank (cold engine). Seen tanks with a stain at the correct level but
the actual coolant level was a lot lower, quick glance and it appeared to be the correct level though.
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Thanks, had a play around. With the Aircon on the fan kicks in at full blast for 5-10 seconds then goes off for a minute. Turning the aircon off stops it. What's the difference between engine temp and coolant temp on forscan ?
If air con is on the cooling fan will operate regardless of engine temp.

If the behaviour you describe does not happen when the aircon is off i don't think you have a problem, it is part of the heat exchange process.
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So after a bit of investigation I have found the following . The fan controller is reporting back 17% duty cycle, but the fan appears to be running flat out , 100%. In the 6 years I have owned the car I have never noticed it. So it appears that it is now just on or off with no setting in between.

I swapped out the fan control module which is attached to the radiator shroud and it now works properly.

The module had failed and rather than having different speed settings it was all or nothing. Car does not sound like a plane taking off now.

I could not get a genuine part as ford will only sell you the entire fan shroud assembly for £800. So £40 pound later with a 3rd party part and its working

This is the old part will do a little autopsy on it later.
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That's great. Many thanks for coming back to advise what the problem was, very helpful.
A lot don't bother to post results which is quite annoying at times
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