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Radio Problems mondeo 55 plate

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Hello Peeps, Hope somebody can shed some light on my problem, 55 mondeo tdci zetec got the standard radio in it, switch it on after a few minuted (varies) it switches off and on again sometimes it freezes the lights go off the lcd screen still displays the station, sometimes it requestd the code all over again! Any ideas wiring fault? dodgy radio? Any help appreciated

Also if any one knows how i have a spare mondeo radio i could try but no code the serial is V036839 Its not the same as the m series calc so if any body had the v series could be very usefull thanks
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Have you tried taking the radio out, removing the wiring plugs then pushing them firmly back in again before refixing the radio? It sounds like an intermittent contact on the permanent live so the radio is loosing it's code.
Hello mate, yep tried that ive diconected all the loom and brought the radio away with me i was looking at it last night, the loom i have is for connecting to a voice control bluetooth box, i have the box and the mike but theres one plug left over i dont know what goes in there, so i have been using the radio without the bluetooth plugged in theres a earth on this loom which is not on a regular radio loom, tommrow i am going to plug it all back in without the earth screwed up and without the bluetooth or mike and see if thats the problem do you think an extra earth was casue the short? Listen thanks for the reply.
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