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Hi, all i m new here.

I have a late 06 ford ranger 2.5tdci manual 4x4 with 90k miles on the clock.

Recently i took the ecu off cause i was gonna do an egr delete, but i changed my mind and re installed the ecu.

Now i am having a missfire engine runs rough idle and has no power also is very slow to rev up and dosen t fully rev.

DTC is showing p2263 and p0300, also p0401, and p0404 but the latter two where there before that is the reason I took off the ecu in the first place.

I am seeing that the fuel pressure is good at idle but drops when revved?

also for certain, injectors 1 and 4 are not working, engine is running on 2 cylinders. I did ford self test from forscan and even removed injector connector and with or without 1 and 4 engine runs the same.

I also took resistance reading and they seem to be the same, within 5 ohms of each other.

Camshaft position sensor read: between: 1-2 1245 ohms, 1-3 open, 2-3 open

Fuel pressure sensor read: between 1-2 open, 1-3 460 ohms, 2-3 499 ohms

I also tried running a volt metre across the injector connector at ignition and while cranking.

@ignition : inj1-0.68v inj2-0.66v, inj3-0.63v, inj4-0.59v

@cranking: inj1-0.79v inj2-1v, inj3-1.02v, inj4-0.82v

These readings where taken with a common multi meter so cranking I m not sure if the meter read properly.

could this be a co-incidental injector clogging or jamming ormaybe a faulty fuel pump? or did I ruin the ecu?

PS I connected the ECU to a BDM100 but did not read or write just connected it and then found a cheap egr so did not do a delete.

In case you where wondering the ecu is a nightmare to take off and I couldn t find anything on where or how to take it off on my ranger (it's drivers side pillar under dashboard enclosed in a deathtrap). Could it be that since I left part of the 'cover' of the ecu there is something not grounded properly? there where relays bolted to that section of the cover which I made a bracket for so that I can remove it with 5 easily accessible bolts, it s metal but I don't know, i'm out of ideas now

Any Help appreciated thanks in advance,



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