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Rattle when cold tdci

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My 06 tdci with 138K on the clock has developed a rattle when cold. I depress the clutch and the noise goes away. No problems starting car and no loss of power in any gear therefore I dont suspect anything more serious. Im thinking aux drive belt however should I invest in the bottom pulley and tensioner? The noise in not as loud when the engine is hot and no change in tone when I press the clutch after the car is hot. Also another problem that might be linked to the belt is when I press on all heated screens the headlights more than what would be classed as normal. Anyone come across this problem?
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I have but after a couple of hours searching round the engine bay for the source of the noise i have given up. Your second problem could be a battery but on mine the headlights do dim a little because the seats draw a lot of current.
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