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Rattley clutch

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Hi, could I seek some opinions please.

My Mondy has done 50k miles. I have a strange noise seemingly from the clutch. Vehicle is in neutral, I depress/lift the clutch and at the point that it would "bite" if it were in gear, I hear a strange rattling noise whilst at that point. If I lift or depress further, the noise goes.

Any ideas welcomed. Veh is still under warranty.


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Hi Neil

I had the exact same on mine.I didn't notice it on the test drive or driving it home.

Only noticed it when my wife sat in it started the car and put her foot on the clutch without engaging the gears and it was clearly audible.
Also you could feel it through the pedal.

Also if you just touched the clutch down slightly you could hear a ticking sound.

Took it to my local ford who corfimed it was the flywheel.They didn't take anything apart so they must know the sound of a deteriorating DMF.
They wanted just under £1500 to fit a flywheel and clutch.

I had to take it back to the supplying dealer all done under warranty.

Take the car back at the next earliest time you can.
I was nearly a week before my local ford could book me in to look at it and then nearly a week again before i could get back to the supplying dealer.

Within this time the noise got considerably worse.
The job itself is around the 6hr mark.
Mine is an 04 with 60000 on the clock.

If you pop the bonnet and get someone to depress the clutch stick your head under and you can clearly hear it coming from the bell housing

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Thankyou, I will get it back to my dealer ASAP.
UPDATE- Took car to dealer.Mech looked at it and had a listen. Diagnosed possible thrust bearing problem or DMF, which he said was common on Mk3s. He also said that the lower pully damper sounds worn.Fortunately all this is covered by my warranty,big relief. If I get a new DMF, what sort of life can one expect with considerate driving?

150,000 +

No racing starts & no top gear at 20mph.

Took car back to dealer.

Replaced DMF,clutch,thrust bearing. also notice lower pulley was worn so replaced pulley,bearing and belt. Total cost £1247.00. OMFG!!!!

Warranty steps in and pays the lot. Happy man me.
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