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Rattling noise when accelerating

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Have a 2004 TDCi, and it started making a rattling noise about two-three months ago. When I accelerate, or whenever the rev counter is between about 1300 and 1700, there's a distinct rattling noise from the engine bay.

Different noise to the normal knock-knock diesel sound, this is a bit more metallic. I had a garage give it a quick once-over and they said the aux belt was a bit loose, could this be it? Because a lot of other posts that report similar noise say that it's only there at idle and goes away. It doesn't seem to affect performance, just be irritating as I don't know whether it's covering up for something else.

If there's anything else it could be, I'd be really grateful for suggestions. It's going in to a garage in the next week or so (getting the clutch-pedal whine that almost certainly means bloody DMF so I'm going to bite the bullet before it goes properly) so while it's there I'd get them to fix this.

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Auxilliary belt tensioner, tend to go after around 60,000 miles, could be this, it certainly is on mine.
Hi, Did you ever find what was wrong please, because I have the same problem, although one garage has told me its the injectors and another garage told me a sticky/slow actuator arm on the turbo. Any idea's please???
I've been told the same thing! DMF and or the injectors and the Auxilliary belt. Mines down on power as well but sometimes isnt???
Will get the aux belt done this week, then.

Will let y'all know whether that solves the problem!

Mine only makes a noise when accelerating, not when slowing down, not even when you raise the revs by gearing down fast, surely that's got to be fuel related/injectors, does yours do the same?
No, mine is anywhere between 1200 and 1600 (paid attention to it today and noted the revs) regardless of accelerating or braking.
That does sound like the aux belt tensioner. I just wish I could pin point my problem, Mk3 Mondeo's seem to have plenty of them, if I could just find somebody who has had the same fault.
If you search the forum there have been a number of TDCi's that have had problems with one of the metal pipes under the car (from the turbo I think) vibrating against the cars chassis causing the same problem you are experiencing.

Generally the auxilliary belt tensioner is only noisy at a low tickover, a very slight rise in rpm and it goes away so it doesn't sound as if it's the cause of the OP's rattle as its between 1300 & 1500rpm, well above tickover.
Well - i posted about this and was told a while back it was the concentric slave cylinder on the clutch.

This now seems to be reaching the end of its service life as i have a squeaking noise as i depress or release the clutch.

I will be watching this with interest.
So what are we talking for a aux belt tensioner fitted? I've spent a fortune on mine recently and i know it doesnt really need doing (other than the rattle). Will it also cure the random power fade... sometime loads other times nowt???
search the threads on here and you will find from 1300-1700 revs a small intercooler pipe that routes through the front just by the front crossmember rattles on the crossmember/subframe. its ina bracket thats a little bit near the frame itself. just stick a bit of foam under it and it should solve the problem.

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