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RCA outputs?

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Just about to grab a sub and amp package this afternoon and was wondering does the Sony (6cd) head unit found in the Ghia models have a RCA out-put in the back of the unit? If not how is best to connect the sub to my head unit, would i have to loose the rear speakers and use their wires?

Any help would be greatfull, would look at the rear of the unit now myself but im stuck at work and havent bought any removal keys to view it.
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No it doesn't. I have same spec car and cd player and I just spliced them on to the rear speaker wires and then ran the rear speakers and sub from my 4 channel amp. Sound quality is really good and overall I was really happy with it. Just didn't fancy changing the H/U and loosing the steering wheel controls and also couldn't really afford a new one at the time.
You can buy line connectors from halfords, go in and tell them about what your trying to do.
It basicly transforms your speaker wires and ground wire into RCA outputs.
thats what i connect it to the speaker wires and an earth i think and it converts it to an rca. works fine for mine from halfords. bout £10 if i remember
yeh £8.something.

Just fitted mine and works fine!
Thanks for the quick replies in this.

Didnt end up getting time to buy one the other day, hoping for tomorrow now. Have just seen a tidy looking ACTIVE sub and amp combo, was wondering what people thought to these? I have only ever used seperate units before.

Sorry call me a dumbass (so far i have only dealt with headunits with rca's) but if i used these line connectors would i still get to use my rear speakers?

And when i come to connect them up i take it i would need to take the positive line off one speaker (e.g. off side rear) and the negative off the other (e.g near side rear). And when you refer to the earth iare you refering to the amp?

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Thats what you need, comes with instructions on how to fit it also. Really simple job.

Purple 2l LX, they are diffrent to what you need and wont do the job.
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