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Rear brake caliper/piston do you wind them in

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Hi do the rear brake caliper pistons on my mondy 1.8 mk3 wind in or just compress with a g clamp,just asking if so will have to buy the wind in tool.
Regards Roger
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Read the Wiki, it can be found at the top of the page or here:-

Click Here
Even if they do wind in you should be able to do it with a pair of long nose pliers, certainly could on my Mk2.
Yes they wind in, as stated above I used the head of my plyers, bit tough to get moving at first but then pretty easy!
Kingdonger its much easier with this little fellow if you dont have the wind back tools:

Bear in mind the Laser tool sold by most places only winds in one direction and you therefore need two left handed/one right handed (this is not an issue when just using an adaptor, however is more time consuming).

Also remember that after retracting the pistons, you must ensure that they line up correctly with their respective calipers.
i bought a set of box spanners , fits perfectly , 12mm
rs500 I hadn't thought of using a box spanner......I suppose once you put it in the piston hex and place a bar through the spanner it is sufficient to "push & turn" (in whatever direction).......think I'll give it a go next time I change the pads cheers.
i was looking for an allen key to fit , then i spied a pack of box spanner`s , think they cost about 7 quid, cheaper than wind in tools.

worked a dream :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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