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Rear Brake Calipers

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Just had the Mondeo MOT'd today and it needs rear bushes (which i am sorting) also the o/s caliper the hand brake isnt working! do i need to replace the caliper or can the old one be fix?

If not wheres the best palce to buy another caliper from?

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it could be the handbrake cable on that side this is very common to break
Will have a look, the guy doing the MOT never said the cable was broken, i'd of thought he would of seen it??

Maybe seized not broken.
PURPLE_2L_LX said:
Maybe seized not broken.
I was gonna say the above, they don't brake as such, they just seize up. A good motor factor will sell the cables out at around £15 per side, if your doing one, its worth doing the other, really ain't worth buying them from Ford as they are twice the price and last the same time, no longer then copys do. If your cable has seized then theres a good chance that the caliper may of seized as well, there around £45-£60 exchange from your local motor factor again, not worth the hassle of stripping down as such, will only seize again within a month or two. Very common problem on the MK3 Mondeo.
If your bored & have the time you can try to squeeze some grease down the cables.

Not seen mondeo ones in the flesh so not sure how easy or hard that would be.
Some have a decent length of cable outside the outer casing,
cover the inner part with grease then pull through then grease the other end.

Do that for a while to help spread it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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