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Rear Brake Pads Rubbing

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Hi everyone, long time no post.
Got a problem with my rear pads. Basically my O/S/R caliper was seized so I bought a refurb and thought while I was at it I might as well fit new discs and pads at the back as well. Did all this and caliper went on well as did discs.
The problem I had tho was the pads. I'd copasliped the seating area of the pads on both sides and also cleaned up the N/S/R caliper. When I sat the pads in the runs tho they didnt seem to seat squarely. The "spring-clip" on the pads made them sit non square which didnt seem quite right. If I remember correctly the top edge of the pad therefor ran closer to the disc than the bottom.

Anyway I messed around a bit longer with them and resigned to accepting that "they must be meant to be like that". Fitted everything back together, worked the ratchet of the hand brake/pumped the brake peddle ect job done.. so I thought.

I could here a rubbing while driving.. not metal to metal.. a definate pad to metal. Anyway I left it a few days to see if it went away but it remained so I took the N/S/R wheel off (the existing old caliper I thought might be the prob, not the shiney new one) and cleaned the caliper and pad seats even more and again greased the runs. You see with your eye that the pad wasn't sitting straight against the disc, the spring clip causing the top edge of the pad to catch the disc. The discs span round perfectly true, but you could see and hear the pads catching. I levered the pad to try and make it straighter.. which it did but I knew there was no way it was going to stay that way. Sound dissapeared for a few days.. then back again!!!

Any ideas anyone?? Especially regarding the spring clip on the pads affecting the squareness of position. Its driving me mad!! Could it be duff pads?? I jacked the wheels up today and span them individually (wheels still on) and you could hear the pads catching on both sides!

Wheel is coming off again tomorrow so any ideas in advance would be brilliant.

For info the discs and pads are Apec ones.. I have no idea if they are any good??

Thanks in advance (and appologies for war and peace length post) . Stuart.
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Those metal clips are just wear indicators, designed to squeal when the pad wears.

I could not physically fit the outer pads (Mintex) into the rear calipers of my Mk2 with them fitted, so carefully ripped them off with pliers. I suggest you do the same and see how you get on :)
Ha! I'm glad you said that as its being crossing my mind to try that but didn't know if I was perhaps thinking like a butcher rather than an engineer lol!! I was going to go buy some new (better) pads anyway and give them a try so I might as well first try removing those clips and seeing how that goes! They definately foul up how the pads sit and I must admit I struggled a bit to get them to fit in aswell (they seem way too tight in the runners). Thanks mate I'll give it ago! Has anyone else had this problem??
One more thing, from what I've read, APEC discs and pads are good except the pads kick off a fair bit of dust (as do many).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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