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Rear brakes

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Well today i had to replace the rear shoes on the wife's Mondie :shocked:
Bearing in mind i'm no mechanic off i went to buy some new shoes and a Haynes manuel just in case :}
Stripped the first one and started to fit new shoes when i realized that the cylinder/piston was leaking :eek13:
Back to the shop for new cylinders & brake fluid.
Refered to haynes for replacing cylinders!! what a palarver so ignored that did the simple way of allowing a little to leak out much easier. All went back together easy enough, so started on other side which was wrecked the shoes had disintegrated and the cylinder was knackered.
All in all not such a bad job to do took me about 3 hours in all :)
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nice one, i think the best way to do these jobs is to take a photo of it on your camera phone, then if you need to refer back to it to see how it goes back, look at the photo, or draw a pic of it, and point out how the bit goes and note how it was fitted, then do the same to the other side,

ive only ever done the rear drums on an bmw e36 and that wasnt too bad of a job to do :)
I did cheat a little due to my wife's lack of faith in me being a mechanic :}
My mate watched over me to make sure i did it right, frtunately he has beeen a Ford mechanic for over 30 years :} :} Think it was first time he hasn't got his hands dirty :kaffeetrinker_2:
well to be honest thats how you learn, u do a job, then remember it, and get better, and soon u will be able to do the job like tying your shoes :}

when it comes to doing the rear shoes on my little corsa, i will be doing them myself, again using the haynes manual helps, but also taking pics, noting where bits go helps alot as well, and replacing things like for like also helps with refitting :L
The easy way is strip one side at a time so you have the other side as a referance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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