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rear bumper conversion

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i am shortly going to be attempting to fit my twin exit exhaust on my st24 and want to modify my existing bumper until i have the dosh to buy a st200 bumper - has anyone done this and if so what is the best way to go about it- should i remove bumper remove exhaust line up new exhaust whilst bumpewr is still on car - any help greatly received.
broadis :driving:
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I made a template by tracing the original exit and surrounding markings, then reversing the drawing and marking it out on the opposite side. It was just a case of cutting it out after that and it looked almost factory apart from the lack of the inner lip.
if i were you i would wait until you have the money for st200 bumper. Although you could cut new hole on the ogther side it wont look the same. Its not perfect circle AND if you look there is an inner lip inside, you wont get that after you cut it, you will need to fibre glass etc to get the same look, sand it , spray it etc and make sure it blends in. After you cut a hole out you will have a WHITE ring on the edge of the new circle.

just giving you the heads up incase you do it yourself and make a mistake. We learn from experience but its a cosmetic experience that could look out of place. ;-)
Obviously it's best to buy an original bumper, but if done correctly then cutting the second hole won't look bad at all. When I cut mine you could barely notice it. The original bumper is black plastic so there won't be a white ring.
i stand corrected, i must of had a replica on mine at the time then. :-(
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