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rear caliper/cable change still getting

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a hot wheel, im stumped,with mot coming up soon, how to i solve this.

new rear caliper and 2 cables fitted and still binding on, handbrake comes up 1 click ,but not freeing off completly

any suggestions please
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Did you clean and lube the actuating arm properly ??
Have the pads been lined up with marker on caliper?
do you have a faulty caliper? i replaced mine and one was faulty....twice!
handbrake only going one click doesnt sound right, sure they are the right cable, one type is slightly shorter isnt it?
Manual adjust cables are 30mm shorter than auto adjust (wiki).
RS500 when you put the new calipers on did you ensure the pistons were correctly aligned with their respective calipers.

eg. right hand caliper - long cut out on piston in line with raised mark on caliper.

left hand caliper - short cut out on piston in line with raised mark on caliper.
only one caliper was replaced , but new disc`s and pads, on both sides plus new cables.
the caliper i replaced was lined up properly,with the pads but the old one i dont think i did line up,(i cant see what makes) but reading haynes will re check at the weekend,i believe the cables are correct, the handbrake came up one click before i replaced them,(replaced to rule the cables out)
wound pistons back in, lined up pads,to slots,cleaned and white greased the h/b mech. ok for a day or so.
felt wheels today still getting hot. strugling now for an answer.
If you drive from cold & take it for a run without using the brakes do they still get hot?

Possibly a wheelbearing issue?

Disconnect the handbrake cable make sure the levers are fully slack then try drive again.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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