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Rear Caliper Torx Bolt

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Anyone know where I could source one of these from asap please.? Or a similar sized normal bolt.
I have a muller'd one preventing me from changing the o/s/r bearing on my Cougar, but as they share the same brakes I thought I'd post here..
I have a generous friend offering help, we will give this a bash tomorrow and get it off and the bearing changed..

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thoght i could help, can't, sorry
did you try wire brushing the bolt out and raking out the torx hole with a fine screwdriver?

ford dealership or a scrappy would be easiest to get new ones.
you may be able to file 2 flats on it so that you can get grip

or even file a flat and then use a suitable drift, not a chisel, to knock it around?
Was thinking that, but in the back of my mind space is limited so not sure if it'll work.. Will find a way..
..I think you will find it's a Torx 50 size but take care 'some' cars Ford used metric hex/allen key bolts..
It's a T50 as you say Terry, but the head is mangled and I can't get any purchase on it to get it to turn.. So once we find a way to get it off, I want to get a replacement one there that is "good"...
done mine a while back its a torx bit to remove , and ford must have updated them as its a torx socket to put back in,
..are you trying to remove/replace the single sliding bolt for the caliper or the two bolts that hold the caliper bracket to the rear knuckle..or all 3??.. In any event I'd use the genuine Ford hardware which is rated for the brakes etc..bit risky using any old blt in this location!
i think he means the two that hold the caliper to the hub.

same happened to me a couple years ago, and i had to file it to the shape of a nut and then bang a socket on it!

like percey says, always clean it out first. plus only attempt it if your tool fits like a glove.

as for a replacement, id just get new ones from ford. theyre not that bad if attempted with the above in mind. :)
plus, if you get one undone then you can tap the caliper gently with a hammer to rock it back and forth to free up the remaining nut. :)
Thanks for the info, and yes I am removing the that hold the caliper to the knuckle.. Tried my local dealer and the chap reckons they may have some in stock for me to have.. Failing that, I have a scrappy that has a few mondy's in stock so getting a few shouldn't prove to be a problem..
Turns out Ford wanted to sell me a complete caliper, so am off to a scrappy on the weekend and get what I need, along with a few other bits and pieces.. If anyone wants anything let me know and I'll see what I can do for you..
A complete caliper just for a couple of 10p bolts...

I changed my rear discs recently and I prepared myself for the eventuality that I might chew up these bolts by buying some normal hex heads to replace them with. In the event, I freed up the torx bolts with some plusgas and they weren't too bad, so they went back in. I think I read that M6x25mm were the equivalent size, but don't hold me to that. The answer is somewhere on this site though :)
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