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Rear door not closing properly *Help*

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I've heard a whine recently, thought it was the bearing (which it is as well) all along...but also, One of the rear doors in not closing properly ( no complete seal) and hence i can clearly hear the tyre going along. You can actually see a gap. Is this a known problem? The car has never been in an accident so im a little confused :s

Is this just a matter of adjusting some settings on the hindge/door or is it a new door kind of fix ?

Thanks in advance!
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Do you have any pictures?

Inside & outside if possible & one down the side of the car.
I'll take a few shots today and post.
Can you take a pic of the door catch and striker too.
Sometimes the 'post' that the door lock locks onto can move, but it normally moves inwards after someone has slammed the door very hard!
Good Morning, these are the pics of the door.

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The catch on the door looks like it is in the right place (not in or out). I note your your car looks very clean, which can make it much harder to see if the 'post' in the bottom pic has moved at all.

So, assuming you have checked all the rubber weather strips are in place, and are not fouling the door at all, and obviously the seatbelts too, what you could try is to move the door closure post (in the bottom pic)

Have a look at the post to see if it has moved outwards a all, which can sometimes be seen by a line of dirt a few mm from its inside edge.

Next see how tight the torx bolts are that hold the post in place. If they are not very tight, then then this could be the problem.

You could undo the torx bolts, and move the post in the same amount that the door is out by, and see if this fixes the problem. This may or may not be the problem. If you move it in a bit, and when you shut the door it seems OK, and is not too tight against the weather strip seals, then this may be the cure.

If you move the post in, and then when you shut the door, it is very hard to do, and it too tight against the rubber seals, then you may need to look elsewhere to solve the problem.

either way, the door will feel different when you close it, as it will have changed position! If it had been too slack against the rubber before, then it will need to be pushed against the rubbers more to close, it, to avoid it bouncing back open a bit.

Sorry, if that sounded like I was teaching you to suck eggs, but I was thinking through how I have fixed this in the past, and literally typed what I was thinking lol
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