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Rear Electric Windows

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Is It Normal For The Rear Windows To Not Go Down Completly And Being Able To See The Glass. Can You Turn This Off Because It Is Irritating. When I Bought It I Swear It Went All The Way Down When I Test Drove It.
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normal, they only go down about 3/4's

i assume its to do with the shape of the door, the rear doors have the cutout for the rear wheel arch in em & i think this stops the windows having enough room to fully wind down so ur stuck with some window showing if you want big windows :(

personally i dont have a problem with em not going down fully, never really taken much notice of them really, i only notice they dont fully go down when i come to clean the beggers as there is a clean & mucky section where they have self cleaned while in used on the lower section but are mucky as hell at the top :}
yes as martin says its to do with cut of the door why they wont go all the way down
most cars have always had rear windows that don't go down all the way for us poor common folk, it's when you get to the posher motors that they can afford to have bigger doors that let the glass go all the way down
Half a house brick would easily sort your 'problem'. Though I'd be very interested to see the switch that turns off the glass :crazy: :}

That was a stupid suggestion about the brick........

why not just jigsaw off the bottom half of the door instead :} ..Oh, and then open the door a bit as you are driving, when you want the windows to go down!
Yeah , sorry , what was I thinking. The jigsaw would be far neater.
I always thought it was more of a safety feature for children passengers, only opening 3/4 stops the litlle sh....angels throwing stuff out!
For the ultimate safety feature for children and rear windows:

Disconnect the car's battery for one hour. After this period of time, the car's computer will not remember its previous settings (such as window settings) . Now, all you need to do is put the kids in the back, and when you see them trying to throw stuff out, quickly put up their windows from the drivers window switches. As the window settings will not have been re learned, the window will trap the little sods arm in a vice like grip.

Step 2:
Remind the naughty child that its arm is stuck out of the window, and only YOU can release it. Then suggest that if they are thinking of throwing anything else, that you were thinking of taking them to the safari park, and parking in the lions enclosure!

Hmmm, I think that was the sick side of my mind coming through there :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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