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Rear Tyres Going Oval

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Hi All,

I have a Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 130 Estate,

My problem is that the rear tyres are like eggs,

This happened before and i put it down to a bad batch of tyres. Replaced the two rear ones with Admiral tyres the same that were on before ( Mistake) and the N/S/R one has done it again.

Any thoughts please.
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Hello High Mileage.

what do you mean by egg shaped? Are the types wearing on the outside edges?

This section of the forum is for Diesel questions. Maybe someone can move it to the transmission/suspension section.
if theyre stepping like a 50p on the inside itll be the shockers losing their damping ability
Thanks for replying,

The alloys are fine i have spun them up on a balancing machine, when i say oval its just that and its the second time, but not on either edge and the tyre wear is even, its the whole tyre when i spun it its like it has a high spot of about 3-5 mil. I just didn't know if its a common mondeo problem, i also done a geo on it at everything is green and in tolerence. Its jus annoyning me..
if its 3 - 5 mm then its normal.. i worked in tyre garages for 10 years and most (not all) tyres on a rim can look to be mis shaped on the wheel, dont worry about it unless you get vibrations or rumbling noises.. seriously, 3-5mm is nothing...
Thanks for the reply, i initially thought it was a wheel bearing so checked for play etc, all was fine so i put this wheel on the front and the car is like a pig, although people do say i am very fussy, i suppose i am but i do high milage hence my screen name.

i would welcome your thoughts and thanks for the swift response.
well it could be the cheap tyres, regardless of what a garage says admirals are a budget tyre.. if you want value for money go for Toyo Proxes, failing that go branded (something recognised ie firestone, goodyear, dunlop, pirelli, michelin) dunlop fast response tyres are the quietest so they claim...
I think you are right i have Michelin on the front always, i just assumed that as the rear carries very little weight budget would be ok.

2nd set of admiral tyres used just for four months 1 unuseble already, i will put michelin on and report back,

Once again many thanks all.
id go for pirelli on the back, pirelli worked really well with all the fords ive had and they'll last long on the rear, you pay approx 12% extra on michelin for the name alone, wouldnt be cost effective, just my opinion mate, go to formula one autocentres (as i know theres one in stevenage) and tell them uve been quoted £148 for the pair and theyll match/beat it (unless you can get a cheaper quote)
Thanks i will give the perille ones a go. my michelin ones were £60.00 each and the Admiral ones £38.00 one of my customers ordered them for me. I will let you know what they cost and report back, i do 1000 miles a week so we should know very soon.

Hi All Thanks for your help,

I put Pirrelli 6000,s on the back problem solved and the car seems alot smoother. should have put these on first time round they were £58.75 each.

I am now happy.
Glad my advice paid off... Phew
p.s are they 205/55/16's? if so, £58.75 aint bad at all
Yes 205/55/16 they gave me w rated. and i have to say the tread pattern is similar to the michelin.

Thanks for the advice all.
yeah w rated are fine (max 168mph) but v rated at (149mph) would have been fine (obviously) haha
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