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Remote locking failure

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My remote locking suddenly failed a few weeks ago, and hasn't worked since - just won't respond to the key. Works fine with the key in the lock. I have done the key programming sequence.

The car is a 51-reg V6 Ghia X. A friend has a TDCI on a 52 plate with the same problem

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this ? Thanks in advance !
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errr , battery.
Battery in the remote?

Did the relearning procedure detect the remote when the button was pressed?

Does a second learned remote work?

I assume the doors all lock/unlock OK when drivers lock tab used?

The battery on mine went recently , other than a litle reduced range it failed instantly ( unlike a battery ) After battery replacement I had to re-learn the remote to the car.
The key has a new battery. I have checked the immediately obvious things like that.

Locking works normally in all other respects, just no response to remote key
Finally got this to work properly - the key programming sequence as oulined on fordwiki worked. Thanks for all the replies
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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