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Has anyone done or heard of some one doing this to a car??
Here are some links to give you an idea of what I mean.
This is a US company that specalizes in them

The reason I was thinking of the remote/rear mount turbo was due to it being cheaper to fit and less hassle, and the plus side is if you dont like it you can easily change it back to standard.
I am only thinking of running 6psi/0.25bar on standard internals, I will be upgrading the LIM and UIM for the SVT ones, from what I have found out 6psi will be fine on standard Injectors, heads and pistons with a remap for the extra air flow.

I'm still trying to find an exhaust y pipe without having to buy the downpipes too, seems they only do this as a bundle. My exhaust bloke wont touch it
, the downpipes wont be any good to me as they dont have the pre-cats fitted and due to the ever changing MOT laws I will need them to be road legal

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Seen it mentioned several times before, One thing i really do wonder about is the turbo lag. Thats a lot of pipework to pressurise.

Cheaper & less hassle? Not sure about that, Where will you be fitting the turbo and running the pipework? Oil feed? From the engine
or a separate electric oil pump and rad that can handle the hot oil from a turbo?

I read somewhere a turbo needs around/at least? 1 gallon a minute of oil at full boost?

Plenty of options, It choosing one and working out all the issues before buying the parts. A couple of wrong choices could be bad
for the wallet.
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