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Remote Window Closure

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iv just done the remote fold mod to my power fold mirrors and i had a idea,

now, knowing that if you hold the lock button for 5 seconds on the remote, it closes the windows and holding the unlock button 5 seconds opens the windows, is it posable to do a mod like the remote mirror fold trick, on the window closure?

im thinking a relay linking the second button press (like on the power fold mirror mod) to a small capasitor that will let out a 5 second burst of power, or a small timing circuit that will give the 5 second's of power to make the window circuit think im wanting to close the windows with my remote... creating a total closure remote alarm system :laugh:

my old 5 series has this and it is very handy if you leave a window open by accedent, when you lock the doors / set the alarm with the remote it closes all the windows for you....

is there anyone here with the know how to do this?

thanks in advance! :D
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If you do find away, I'm sure other (like me) would like to know, but it doubtful, as the GEM does most of the control
See my theory is that the remote locking is already linked to the windows this is proven by being able to open or close the windows with the use of the remote,
I just need to work out a way of making that second button press turn into a 5 second long pulse insted of the split second pulse, that is all the locking system needs to lock the doors
when pressing the lock button the door locks, when pressing it a second time the door double locks, if I press the lock button then for the second press I hold it down for 5 seconds the door double locks and activates the window closure,
I think if I can locate thr relay that works the remote window closure I'll have a good bash at getting my idea working, is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction?

Sorry if I'm repeating myself, it helps me later when I read it all back to my self :)
Had a quick serch, if my idea is correct I need a NOTO relay, (normaly open, timed open)

meaning when the button is pressed for the second time the relay clicks on, then when the button is released the relay stays latched on for a set time ( in this case 5 seconds) then the relay opens, this 5 seconds of power triggers the window relay or GEM to close the windows :)
Now I need to locate some conections in my car and do some tests :)
obviously we already know where the relay conects on the trigger side for the second button press as it will be the same wire that I tapped into for the remote mirror mod,
I just need to find the conection for the window side....

Or....... There may be a relay on the windows that requires a 5 second pulse of power befor it latches on and closes the windows, meaning I may just need to locate it and change it for a normal on off relay triggered by the second button press like the mirror folding mod.....

Araghghhhhhh my head hurts :(
trouble is the global opening is a feature of the GEM/central locking unit ( basically it see's the lock/unlock signal for a set time & activates the windows up/down signals accordingly.

so basically what your gunna need to do is re-create the GEM's actions.

in my head that means a relay trigger as above but that triggers the UP wiring of the windows for a short time ( ideally triggering the one-touch up function for proper operation otherwise you may not get fully up windows )

trouble with that route is that there is no power to the windows with the ignition off ( this is also bypassed by the GEM when the one global feature is used )
I'm assumeing the "signal" is just 12volts of power for a set length of time? If so this would make things Soooo much easyer :)

just checked and it only takes a 2 second press of the button to activate the window open/closure...

If the yellow wire we tap into for the mirror mod is only a 12v feed and dose not carry any digital signal allong it, it would make this window mod very very simple...
As I could cut the wire and put in a NOTO relay so the yellow wire only activates the relay, then use a 12v feed on the timed side of the relay to compleat the circuit... Turning the 12v feed into a 2-3 second feed....

On the other hand, this could probably cause the windows to open every ttime you unlock the car.... :-|
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