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Removal of B pillar Interior trim

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Hope someone can help. I need to remove the interior trim panel that covers the B pillar inside the car. Reason for removal is to get to the bolts hold the rear door hinges in place, as i want to adjust the door I've just replaced on the back.

I just didn't want to break anything in removing the trim if there is a known good method of removal.

The only bit that needs to come off is the lower part, and not the bit that goes round the seat belt top anchorage point if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Thought I'd replay and let anyone interested know how it's done as I managed to do it.

Firstly pop the little Airbag cap off the top of the B pillar trim near the roof of the car, you'll find a Phillips screw, undo this, and then you can carefully pull the top part of the trim away from the car, and up slightly to unclip it from the bottom part of the trim. However, the seat belt will still be going through this panel, so you'll need to position it out of the way.

You'll then see two more phillips screws holding the top of the lower part of trim in place, unscrew these, and carefully prise two spring clips towards the bottom of the panel out, releasing the plastic panel. Be careful not to damage the plastic tabs the clips secure to on the trim, otherwise you could end up with rattling trim.

I needed to remove the trim to get to the door hinge bolts from the inside of the B pillar to position it properly.

It's also worth mentioning that the doors electrics are in a multi plug in the B pillar, so should you need to remove the rear door, the multi plug is in the pillar, not the door.

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