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remove ac

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how hard is it to remove the ac from my car.

there is nothing wrong with it but i dont see why i need it when i have windows.

it has no leaks and hasn't been touched for 2 years (was used every few weeks though to stop it from seizing up)
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Heat exchanger

you would need a Smaller Aux Belt

your gain in proformance may be very little
easer to just leave it on
...and the windows can mist up!! FWIW cars with A/C also use the A/C system even when on hot/heating setting ,to pull moisture out of the car. The only two positions that the A/C compressor is not cycling are 'panel' and 'off'. To check put it on a heat setting and watch the a/c clutch click in and out with the engine running. The best thing would be,if you want to save a bit of hp,find the circuit to the a/c clutch and place a toggle switch in it..when the a/c clutch is not engaged the a/c pully has no load a and just acts as an idler so no HP is lost..until the cluch kicks in and drives the compressor..
leave it fitted, as said good for keeping windows demisted on damp days.

You are mad for wanting to remove it, very little change in mpg trust me had my car for 8 years and could not live without aircon.
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