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remove fuel filter housing

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hi every one would it be possible to remove fuel filter housing all together and replace it with an inline filter? or would the primer pump be needed? or is there a housing without a primer pump i can fit to my mk2 1.8lxtd.allso to blow the return fuel line out witch pipe do i use.last but not least egr valve i have a bb in the pipe but do i need to block any other pipe's off like to the inlet or outlet?? :tonofbricks:
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Any reason for wanting to change the heater housing & filter? Does yours not have a heater built into the housing as well?

Fuel supply lines have a white band on the connectors and return lines have a red band.

The bb in the EGR pipe stops the valve opening and closing, But will not help if the valve is stuck, You can fit a plate between the vavle and the engines inlet to stop exhaust gasses from entering the engine.
thanks for the has no fuel heater and the fillter housing are very poor.the rubber seals in the primer pump split very easy and housing is no good after if i can fit a diffrent type of housing with no primer pump then that should stop the air in the fuel.i can get the primer pump part of the housing for less than £20 ive had two new ones on in 3 blow the return fuel line do i just blow from the little black pipe that comes of the injectors to the top of the pump and joins in to a solid pipe?
sorry is the inlet also known as the brether hose the pipe on the front of the cylinder head or ami looking at the rong one?
The inlet is where the diesel enters the filter, It will come from under the car, nowhere near the engine at that point.

From the filter it will goto the engine with a 2nd pipe returning excess fuel to the tank. That is the return pipe.

A new housing should not need replacing so soon, Are you running bio fuel or veggie oil?

Do you use the pump to prime the filter? Must admit i never have.
Just fill it up with fresh fuel, Sometimes it starts & splutters sometimes it splutters but keeps running. Depends how worn the pump is i guess.
the housing is just a copy one;fords have just the inlet outlet the one i have has them on both sides i have too blank two off air tight.first one i over tighten them and crack i tried diffrent"o"rings fiber washers even tap washers so i went for an other one but this time i coverd the threds with some gunk(hard as steel)i use this stuff a work its the best!! left it for half hour !seald air tight a down side toit is you will never get them back out :)
or you can buy one like i did last week that only has 2 holes
this typ of housing are always in stock i would have had to wait till monday for propper one all weekend without a car is no good.i just do little things at a time with the car on a night ether that or tv with the wife(car comes first)ha ha ha.slowly getting every thing done only cost me £400 long test body work is mint paint work still spot on they could not find the air falt in the fuel and was told that it needed new engine(not)so its worth spending a bit time on. thanks for your help mate all info welcom :L
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