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Replace rear suspension

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What ho one and all,

In an effort to cure the thumping emanating from ther rear, i am thinking of renewing the rear suspension shock and springs.

I don't recall the original colour on the springs not the sticker on the shock, but when searching the internet, there are many shocks and springs that are 'compatible.' But those springs do not have the colour code on them. Certainly they will fit but I assume that the code tells the 'ride' quality.

Assuming the compatible is what it means, can I replace with no problem?

Additionally, not wanting to spend a fortune on a 2003 car, what is considered a good shock and spring manufacturer?
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I use the standard Sachs from Carparts4less/ Eurocarparts as oem brand ford uses.
Not had any problems changing the odd one side for years no thumping knocking till now, spring, struts and droplinks have been changed so probably not them at fault.
Aiming for better weather to take off rear axle left and right suspension parts comparing spring heights and strut pressures to see if any differences noticeable,then the d-bushes on anti-roll bar.
Many thanks. My originals are labelled as Sachs. Probably not so concerned about the shock, more the springs, both of which have an MOT advisory with rust at the top.

Suspension has over 200k on the clock so guess that thumping is to be expected. Hope it is the various bushes on the three arms. Have the tie rods ready to go (when I can get motivated) but the front lower arm requires dropping the sub-frame and the rear lower would mean an alignment check, so thinking of doing the shock/spring and tie rods first as if the cures the noise, then will not need an alignment.

Just checking Carparts4Less and they have a Sachs rear spring for £63 or an Anschler for £20 (ish). What does on get for the extra £40? Apart from the fact the the Sachs are not currently available!

My concern with replacement springs tends to be the ride quality, which I guess Ford advise with their three coloured dots. How does one know if one is buying compatible ride quality?
Carparts4less rear standard coil spring SACHS Product Code: 627590360 is £27.44 each in stock my area, use discount code.
Thanks; will investigate. Where do I find the Discount Code?
At top of page on Carparts4less payday 25% off, code -PAYDAY25

Add DealFinder by VoucherCodes or similar to your browser to get discount codes on everything you buy saves paying full price.
Learn something new every day; I did not know that and will certainly bookmark the link. Thanks
Kinda getting my mental ducks in a row now regarding what to buy.

I have done the internet research on how to replace the suspension and it does not seem a big deal.


I have tried to release the knuckle pinch bolt in the past, but not tried too hard. PlusGas, heat, etc. Obviously, I can give it a breaker bar treatment but am concerned about shearing the head off. I have an impact wrench that apparently, has 500kn of undo torque. Is zapping 'continuously' with an impact wrench, both clock and anti clock likely to shear the bolt if it is really, really rusted in place?
Perhaps another stupid question.

My current spring colour is green green red (or it could be orange?)

Looking at CatCar, it could be part 1130453 and is listed as Less Isolator. But the GGR *** 353 or ***352) is listed as With Isolator.

My question is, why with or without. If it is needed, than why list it as without? Until I remove the shock, how do I know if it has one or not? Can I reuse the old one? Or is it preferable to get a replacement?

And finally, the CatCar diagram shows the isolator at the top of the spring which is where the spring sits onto the plastic mount. At the front, the isolator is on the bottom where the spring contacts the shock. Where should it be positioned?
Genuine Ford Mondeo MK3 Rear O/S or N/S Suspension Coil Spring 1130453 | eBay
Genuine Ford Mondeo Mk3 00-07 Front Suspension Spring Anti-Squeak Sleeve 1383716 | eBay
Some original springs come with the anti squeak rubber or used to.
The rubber sleeve can be used again if in good condition mine are all on the base of the spring upto the stop on the strut cup.
Thanks. Isolator on the base make more sense than the CatCar diagram.

Thanks for the eBay links. Springs are expensive! Not sure a 20 y/o car that will not pass the Ayatolla Khan ULEZ guidelines is worth spending that much money on. Have been looking at Sachs springs and shocks on CarParts4Less and they seem a reasonable price, particularly as the original shocks are Sachs labelled.

Will replace the anti-squeak sleeve as the current one must be past its sell-by date.
If I remember correctly, it varied by trim level. Zetecs had very slightly stiffer springs than LXs for example.

The difference is negligible really outside of the ST ones.
Aftermarket springs mostly are only Standard or Special options.
Just taken delivery of Sachs springs and worryingly, reading various Google results about non-Ford springs rubbing on the body. Is this a real problem or are the Sachs considered to be OK?

Obviously don't want to get it all together only to find that I have to start again and then fight for a refund.
My Sachs fitted have had no problems
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Thanks; good to know. have just checked you photo with my box and the same number.

I also see that the ends are different diameters so guess it will be bloody obvious which way round they go.
The last front Sachs spring i fitted was a bit harder to identify which end was top, still not sure i got it right way up as i get a slight click when turning.
Having an 'expletive deleted' time releasing the Mk3 rear suspension pinch bolt. My be easier if the strut is removed from the car. time will tell.

However, given that I have yet to actually round the head, it would probably be wise to replace the bolts, but what are they. Both CarCar and 7Zap have them listed as 17 (arrowed) with the only reference being "Bolt - Flanged Hex."

Additionally, this is for my car based on the VIN but I do not have the bolt and nut, jsut the botl threaded into the other side of the knuckle.

What is the bolt size?

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The pinch bolt is part no.6198234 fits front and back knuckles best go into a dealer as none on Ebay only the expensive ones from abroad, failing that a M12 x 55mm with a nut on will be next option
FORD MONDEO MK3 Front Steering Knuckle Bolt W700090-S309 6198234 NEW GENUINE | eBay
I paid £2.70 for two bolts from the dealers Stoneacre in 2013
Thanks. Don't imagine that I will have to remove it again for as long as I have the car, but perhaps an M12 nut and bolt rather than threaded into the knuckle. Could drill the threaded part so an M12 will go thorough.

Will keep my options open at the moment as I have not been able to remove it yet. Then there is the other side to tackle.
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