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Replace st24 interior with ghia x interior

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My st24 (r reg saloon) drivers seat has collapsed on one side and the motor has stopped working.

I can get hold of a mint ghia x blue leather interior from again a r reg saloon. i know the rear seats are easy to change but regarding the fronts can i expect a straight swap as the new interior is full electric adjustable. I am not bothered about using the heated seat feature. All i want to know really is if the connectors are the same on both seats?


would it be easyier to swap just the frame old for new?

Many Thanks

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yep straight swap.

alternativley - obtain a donor st24 driver seat and re-buld yours onto it :)
Any mk2 drivers seat with leccy height can be used. The full leather is ok but doesnt look as good as the st24 seats and isnt so supportive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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