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replaceing steering colum on mk1 ford mondeo estate

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hi all, im new to this site. My car has been broken into, they have kicked the steering wheel that much it has snapped the metal thing down the left hand side (keeps steering wheel in place and moves it up and down) i was looking at just replacing that bit but was advised that it would be better to replace the steering colum too, my car has an airbag in the steering wheel and i dont have a clue how to fit the steering colum, due to limited funds (KIDS) i cant afford to take it too a garge to be done so i will be doing it myself. please could anyone send me some advice and descripion on how am ment to do the steering colum, all advice welcome
thanks tina
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hi tina first of all welcome to meg :)

sounds like some chavs have nothing better to do than to destroy others property, they need hanging :angryfire:

anyways on the steering colum, ive never done one, but i would say the best thing to do is to get a haynes manual, you can get them pretty cheap on ebay or sometimes people here on the for sale section are selling them cheaply,

remember to disconnect the battery before doing the airbag, and leave it for about 30 mins to let any power drain from the airbag just to be on the safe side, you dont want it going off as you're trying to remove it,

make sure you have a radio code before you disconnect the battery, as you will need to re-enter it when the power is gone,

good luck with it, hopefully someone who has done one might have some pointers as to how to do the job, all the best :)
hi thank you for your help i would never of thought of disconnecting the battery. lol
its not that involved, ive done one relativley easy.

its just a case of removing trim, steering wheel, and electrics, and then unbolting the steering column from the bulkhead.

i cant remeber all the little bits involved so as fred says, it would help loads if you had a haynes. i followed it fine. get one off the bay for cheap or look in the for sale / wanted section. :)

buy this ^ and make sure you got a socket set with extension bars and a decent set of screwdrivers :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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