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Replacement Key !! ** !!

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Hey Guys,

Iv had my Mondeo nearly a year now, and I bought it with only 1 key. Its one of those fob keys, with 'lock, unlock and boot' open buttons on it.

The buttons are broken now, so iv bought a replacement key (exactly the same and uncut), however, Im unsure how to program the key to work with my ignition, and also work with the buttons for remote locking etc.

It's a 2000 Mondeo MKII 2.0 16v Zetec if that helps?
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AFAIK you need the red key though

Thanks for the info, but this website only provides with me with an option of programming my new key by previously entering 2 other programmed keys.

I only have 1 other working key.

Any other ideas?
You don't need a red key but you will need an autolocksmith to hook their computer up to program any new keys in.

I bought mine with one key, had another one cut and programmed and now i bought a Ford flip key and programmed that one myself as per the above instructions. You do need two seperate programmed keys to do this though.

You will be able to programme the remote part yourself. An autolocksmith will be cheaper than Ford.
to get a cloned key cost me £70

to get a ford extra key costs £120

I'm in same position with only one key, and my local ford dealer quoted me £50 for an additional fob (£15 extra for the key part/blade)

I thought that was reasonable, might be worth just ringing a couple of local ford dealers and see what they charge.
You'll probably find that price is only for the fob and not their labour, which you'll be looking at atleast £80/hr then VAT. It's not cheap to have extra keys added. When i enquired with them, for a 3 button remote it was going to be the best part of £160 all in.
Could very well be, but I wouldn't be surprised if the 50/65 quoted was all in.

They only charged me ten quid for my radio code, and that was with them going taking it out of dash to find the serial number and banging it back in, which was 5 quid cheaper than the local boy racer independent audio shop round here.

doesn't hurt to give em a bell though and enquire.
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