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I own a Ford Fiesta MK4, and would like to change the radio system (since it only supports cassettes, while I would like to have USB/AUX/Bluetooth for my phone).

The radio itself measures 18cm (width) x 9cm (height), but I've not been able to find any compatible radio (or, better, touchscreen system) with those measures (everything only works for 2005 and above models...).

Could someone suggest me a radio system for replacement?

Thank you very much! :lol:


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These Ford radio cassette or radio cd units aa strange size. The units you normally find in shops are of either DIN 1 (The slim ones), or DIN 2 (The thicker units with large displays etc).

To get a DIN 1 unit to fit you need an adapter (see pic)

To get a DIN 2 unit to fit you will probably need to make the hole a little bigger along the top and bottom, approximately 10mm in total, 5mm at the top, 5mm at the bottom. The width of the units should all be the same, So no modification will be needed to the sides.

DIN 1 is 180mm x 50mm, DIN 2 is 180mm x 100mm.

In imperial sizes, (USA/UK inches) they are 7 1/8" x 2" and 7 1/8" x 4" respectively.

Here's a pic of a Ford to DIN 1 adapter, which has a storage recess below it, plain ones are available, also is a pic of a UK tape measure, with inches on it. :D


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