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Replacing Aircon controls with digital

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Quick question ladies and gentlemen of this forum. I have an offer of a replacement centre console for a Ghia X, trouble is, it is fitted with the later style digital controls rather than the rotary type controls for the heating/aircon.

Is it a straight swap to get the digital controls to work, or is there a vast amount of work involved? The console came from a 2000 ST and would be getting fitted (hopefully) to an S reg (1999) diesel Ghia X.

Thanks in advance
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Just had a quick search through old posts and there's a list of things you'll need in this thread.

Haven't been able to find a how to yet but it definitely isn't going to be a matter of just swapping over the dials.
by all accounts its a pig of a job for very little gain. i had ac in my ghia x and satc in the st200 and apart from sat c looking a little flashier theyre both pretty much the same. :)
It's a pig, from what I've heard. And I hated the SATC when I had it. I struggled to get the temperature "just right" on warmer days, and ended up leaving it on "LO" and flicking the A/C on and off manually... :)

If it's the dash panel you are really after, the SATC controls are interchangeable for the standard ones so you can keep your heater controls.
glenn are you saying that anyone with air con can fit the satc panel?and the air con will still work?

No, i'm saying the satc controls can be removed from the surround and standard controls fitted to the surround. :L
ahh gotcha. thanks :)
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