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replacing h/b cables

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unfortunatly for me i have heat sheilds running the lengh of car,i cant see nothing. What is the best way to remove the special nuts that hold the heat sheilds?
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i've just done mine actually, if they've the same as mine i just used a 24mm least i think it was a 24mm ;-)

although, i have to say that i need to get the old plus gas on a couple of em as they were rusted
did you leave exhaust in place or drop it ?
Just done mine to, get the front of the car on axle stands, that will give you enough room to get under it. Then release the bolts holding the heat sheilds. They and the exhaust can be left in situ as there is enough room to get your arm round to free the cables from the carrier at the handbrake lever end. Then simply unclip them from there to the caliper. Then reinstall the new ones.

There is a bolt where the two cables meet to go to the handbrake which slackens them off. I undid this quite a way to be able to get enough slack to free the cables.

Start to finish took about 30 mins
the nuts i have holding the heat sheild look like wing nuts , can a normal socket be used on them ?
Not to sure the ones holding mine were just normal 10mm IIRC. Try plyers or grips on them
ahh right. not sure then matey. mine were a sort of hexagonal shape with a couple of 'tabs' folded up over......the socket just fit over them and gripped one ok

sorry matey.....
just goes to show how the mind works , the book says these are special bolts , and with the rust surronding them , the look complicated, but 24 mm socket it is :) any one know how much these are in fords, the one or 2 i tried are falling to bits.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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