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replacing the alt

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Im currently considering replacing the alt on my 2ltr Duratec pre facelift mondeo for a 200amp+ alt (to keep the battery rack that will run my install topped up)

However im not sure if the car has smartcharge (im about 75% sure it does) how can you find out and if it does have smart charge what problems will i have putting a non smart charge alt on the car
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I think there is a fuse that disables the smartcharge. But will you be wiring the alternator to the battery directly?

I doubt whether the original wiring could handle 200Amps.
yep - already have 0gague running from the stock alt to the battery and 0gague running down the car to the rear batterys (yes the plural is correct)

This is only a thought as I dont know if I will need a bigger alt or if the OEM one will cope with the power drain. My only curiosity is what affects disabling smart charge has on the car, do any toys stop working/do i get a warning light on the dash or error codes int he ECU
...... Batteries ......

How many amps are you planning on pulling & what period of time?

You can have a 100Ah battery and a 50Ah alternator.
If you are pulling more than 50Ah the battery/batteries will drain accordingly.

Pulling 60Ah will take 10Ah from the battery so it will last 10 hours.

Just an example.
I have about 460ah of battery power from memory

The sub amp is fused in the region of 300ah, the front stage amps fuses totalled together equels about 150ah

When it goes into the competiton lanes the amps will be running full tilt for around 30 seconds a time and it will probable be played at mediamhigh volume most of the time

you can see why im thinking of sacrificing the smartcharge if i need to now cant you so i need to know if it will cause problems with the car itself it a non smart charge alt is fitted
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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