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Hi there

My mate has a big problem, hes bought a mk1 focus duratorq 1.8 tdci 115bhp bout a month ago, all working smoothly and great runner when he bought it not problem, but last week or so he starting having performance problems and i think white smoke or could be grey coming from exhaust when accelerating and grinding noise from engine.

His dad is a part time NOW mechanic and he thought its the turbo, so he took pics of the turbo, now me being a petrol head and love to get my hands dirty, i believe its defiantly the turbo gone pics shows lop sided fins with a half inch gap on one side and scrapings on the other so def the turbo.

Now hes tight on money and his dad sounds like it a huge job, having a st24 mondy myelf im using my account forums on here trying to give him a helping hand with this.

If he gets a recon unit is it a HUGE job to do, ive done a load on my own ford so happy to help to keep labor costs down.

Can anybody help on how to do it or is it and easyish job that can be done at a weekend??

Thank you for your help guys

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Your worst enemies will be access and rust/damaged fasteners.

If you have a modest array of hand tools that include some swivel/uni joint attachments and plenty of extensions you should be Ok.

Soak everything in penetrating oil well before you start. You can make your own with a 50-50 mix of auto trans/atf based power steering fluid and Acetone. It works better than anything you can buy.

Don't be afraid to move or remove other components to aid access. Also be careful with oil feeds, they often have flare fittings similar to brake lines. Use of a thicker walled flare wrench can save you damaging fasteners. Saying that, personally I'd recommend a new oil feed and drain. Careful cleaning would be acceptable though.

As a first time attempt I'd budget at least 6 hours, but you'll probably complete the job in less.

Cranking the car over with fuel disabled will prime the new turbo with oil and prevent a dry start up.

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