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reprogrammed key

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I have been using my mane key on my 2002 mondeo 2.0l ghia as the remote key failed to open the doors. I have just bought a new keyfob from a company i got the key and the fob and will need to get the key cut. I took the old key from it's fob and put it on the new fob to re program it. Thing is it now opens the doors and boot but still wont start the engine. Can anyone help me and explain what i am doing wrong, I am not thick but feel like a complete novice cos i just cant get it to work. I follow the instruction in the forums turn key from 1 - 2 and so on and get the bleeps except the last bleep, help with this would be much appreciated.

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the key fob part has two bits inside it, one bit does the remote control side and the other bit that looks like a little glass bulb is the pats chip that lets you start the engine.
your new fob does have the glass bulb and NOT the square block chip looking thing, the square block chip will never work on a UK spec car.
You do have 2 different old keys as well to put the car into learn mode to accept a new key to start the engine?
hi im looking for advise ive just bought a mk3 with only one key. I want a spare and i popped into my local dealer they quoted £11 to cut the key £78 for a 3 button remote and £46 to programme it to my car.
Ive bought a 3 button remote from ebay and ive been quoted £5.77 for a key cut by another ford dealer. but i still need it reprograming is £46 the going rate? or does anybody know someone in the leicester area who could do it?
Sounds cheap, Some people have said its costs or they were quoted £178 to supply & program new keys.

At least you know its 2 seperate keys and can program more yourself, Ebay about £8 i paid £2 to have mine cut, Locksmith in the market been there as long as i can remember.
Thanks for the advise if thats what it costs ill just have to pay it. Ive bought a key off ebay for £10 so as soon as it arrives ill get it done then im gonna start on my first mod- jaguar flip key!
should have bought the jag key off ebay, be easier & cheaper.

Then buy another cheapo one off ebay as a spare.
To be honest, id take your key cut by the other dealer to the first dealer and get them to code it. £46 is SERIOUSLY cheap for a dealer doing key coding work.

Im from Leicestershire. Which dealers have quoted you that price?
hiya I havent had any keys cut yet i bought them on ebay (ford 3 button remote and jag flip key) just waiting for them to arrive. This is the first time i ve looked into getting keys cut/programmed and was shocked by the cost at first but if thats the going rate then so be it. The prices quoted were from sandi and clif welford road.
Ill post again when ive had the work done.
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