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Resetting the service light early

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Soon i am wanting to do an oil and filter change but the oil service light hasn't come on yet. Is it possible to reset the counter on the AWS unit to coincide with the service or can it only be reset once the light comes on?

Thanks for your help.
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Anyone got any ideas?
yes it is possible to reset. i read on here a couple of months ago that depending the year of your car on there is either a button in the glove box or a small hole on the AWS panel which you press with a pin or similar to reset.
Hi mate, thanks for replying. I am familiar on how to actually reset the light, what i'm asking is can it be reset before the light comes on?

I want to do a service on it but the light hasn't come on, can the AWS unit be reset as to start the clock again so the light comes on when the NEXT oil/filter change is required.

Hope this makes sense, sounds easier to say in my head.
The only way to do it is to disconnect the power to the AWS unit, just disconnecting the car battery overnight will do, or take the dash surround off , remove the AWS unit and disconnect the wiring plug overnight, this will reset the unit and take it back to 1 year or 10,000 miles, there is no internal battery as such in the AWS unit to retain its memory just a small capacitor which will keep it powered up for an hour or so.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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