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retractable parcel shelf blind

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hi all im a member on stdrivers and spotted a guy on here who has a retractable rear sun blind built into his parcel shelf the car in question is a red mondeo hatch back can anyone help me in locating one for mine please i would be grateful regards steve.
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Kazuyadog has a roller blind to latch onto the parcel shelf mounts I seem to remember. Can't remember the specifics might have been an accessory from a Citroen or something modified.
Hi mavric, there's a familiar name. Seen you on [color:red]stdrivers[/color] :)

Welcome to MEG :L

KAZUYADOG as mentioned above was the first person that came to mind! (link to his thread below)

Then [color:eek:range]merchliza[/color] was the other I can think of (here's a link to his rear blind thread):-

Hope that helps
Damo :L
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cheers for the help lads :thankyousign:
can anyone tell of a decent breakers yard in birmingham where i can get one of these from please
Try AS Mondeos in Wednesbury.
The blind came out of a Citoen, not too sure if it was as a Xantia.
i do have a spare just sitting on my shed.....
merchliza said:
i do have a spare just sitting on my shed.....
i maybe needing 1 myself,are they easy to fit?
Very easy, mate.. the parcel shelf that i gave you with the hole is just the right one for did save you some cutting time.....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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