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reversing relay missing

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HI hope some one can help
Have a 54plate diesel and the reversing lights have stopped working tried fuse F80 ok ,feed to switch ok and switch ok> Then told it may be relay but were is it not in Fuse box under bonnet where it says and there is no wiring in the position where it should be.
Hope some one can help
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Do any of the rear lights work?

The wiring diagram only shows one (ignition) relay which feeds all the rear lights.

Doesnt show a seperate one just for the reverse lights. Checked the bulbs? Double check the switch that is quite common to fail or have dodgy contacts.
Yes all other lights ok
shorted the switch out so thats ok
will have to try tracing wires and fuses if any one has diagram that would be a great help.
many thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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