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roof bar covers

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Ok, so not a mod but i noticed that one of the covers that you must remove or slide back to fit roof bars is missing on my car. can you get replacement ones from ford, and if not will it be ok with it missing?

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You can get replacements, i remember seeing a receipt from ford in my cars history having them all replaced :)
They are just push-in/pull-out covers, little plastic things. They should be dirt cheap, maybe try some wreckers (try to get some off as late model a car as possible) - probably not the sort of thing in demand and I bet you'd find them still on the cars in the wreckers' yards.

I reckon you shouldn't leave them off, as that entire rail is then open to collecting water and crap which won't wash away, and I'd guess you're asking for rust problems down the line. I'd put some tape over them in the meantime.

If you're interested this is what they look like. As you can see, mine are badly damaged from UV exposure - they should be matt black like bumper surrounds. I am painting mine body-color at the moment instead of replacing them, nice little project.


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P.S. They are not symmetrical, you will find they have a slight curve on them, when you get them if you look at the underside there are little arrows moulded into the plastic - these arrows point inward :L .
It's well worth a visit to the dealers. I replaced the lot on mine last summer. Cost about 3.50 for all 4. Part no. 1148388 - approx 85p each inc vat last year
Nice one,

I was going to start a new topic about this as my are all a funny colour.

Going to get some ordered :)
i just sprayed mine black? Looks new again
cheers guys, think i might take a trip to the deales or scrappers today and see if i can get a new one, ill have a look at the others to see if they have faded too
Check my thread here if you want a project :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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