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Rookie here

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First of i'm a new member here and I'm a rookie here :tonofbricks: and this is my 2003 Ghia :

It's in original form and i want to change it like the way you most of the guys have done it: Including Front and Rear Bumper from ST Kits inc side-skirts, Chrome front grill , Chrome door handles (these handles are getting worn out too easily),Lexus Real lights,Exhaust overhaul,Black lights and angel lights CFL ,Custom Audio without changing the steering controls.

Plz also suggest more mods for it so that i can make it like a dodo juice car.

And also a place for a reasonable value.

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dont make a mk3 mondeo into a dodo juice car, they have very bland boring euro-box styling and look totally pathetic when they are all chavved up.

you are better off buying a saxo, punto or bravo to do something like that with.
ok but going on with these mods... where are they available?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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