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"Rubbing" noise @ 1500rpm

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As title - occurs whether clutch engaged or not.
? wheel bearing
? cause
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hi there

is it just at 1500rpm or all the time?

i've just replaced a rear hub/bearing because of a rumble sound.

the old hub could hardly be turned by hand. not what i was expecting. i thought it would be a bit wobbly.

explains why i was only getting 35mpg on a run recently. before i was getting nearly 40mpg.

jack it up and you will hear the bearing as you turn the wheel if it's bad.

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Just @ 1500rpm - all wheels seem to rotate freely and I'm getting 44mpg on short commutes so not likely to be a wheel bearing, then. Any other ideas would be welcome.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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