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Rumbling noise when clutch depressed

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Hi all

I have recently noticed quite an audible rumbling/knocking noise when the clutch is full depressed however this dissapears when the clutch is released. Is this the DMF (I hope not). I'm not experiencing any problems starting the car. This doesn't sound like the aux belt tensioner as I had that rumble anyway.

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i have noticed this sometimes when holding the clutch pedal down for about 20 secs
anyone got any answers for this post?
ok the answer i give is yes more that likely you have clutch or slave cylinder problems or both and the fix is to take the gearbox off the vehicle and test the components and fix them there is no easy to say or do this just has to be done and if your not sure of this then go to a professional mechanic and get his professiojnal advice before proceeding but more that likely he will say somethng similar to what i have just told you. s
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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