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Running issues!!!!!

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Hi all, i bought my car a few weeks back cheap with a problem, - diesel knock, tonnes of black smoke, limp mode when driving under load, lack of power... i have since fitted new intake pipe (old one split) and put EGR cleaner in intake system (made a bit better), i have the mechanical EGR on it so removed, cleaned and re-fitted (moves nicely and springs back ok).. drives better but still some diesel knock when on boost.. i have oil leaking through the seals on top of injector 4 so have got some new seals for all 4 injectors... can anyone spread light to the diesel knock and still getting bluey/grey smoke on acceleration... also as injectors are so expensive new, can good used ones be coded in? sorry for all the questions but really need it sorting out.. its a 2002 TDCI 130 buy the way.. any help will be appreiciated and can be returned with beer tokens if anyones in the south west area ;-)

cheers, Lee
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sorry forgot to add had a garage do a scan and came up with p0251, and p0100, i know 0100 is maf sensor but figured the split on the main induction pipe may have had a contribution to that as the pipe was almost in half where it meets the turbo...
have you had the new injectors coded in?
no, im doing the seals hopefully over weekend, was hoping to find some good used injectors if they can be coded that is? just hope the problems are related to injectors.... ?
I just had my TDCI's injector correction factors re-calibrated by ford (£100!) and it's like a new car - no need for new injectors just yet! They did a Power Control Module update at the same time and the idling is now better, but most importantly it doesn't sound like a tractor anymore!

Combined with a new aux belt, pulley and tenioner it's been an expensive couple of weeks... (would have been more if I had gotten this bit done by ford too!)

I still get a bit of grey smoke on acceleration - even after removing and cleaning EGR and intake manifold last weekend. I get a little blue smoke very occasionally on start up from cold, but I'm not overly worried about this.
ok so the injectors being out of sync with ecu can cause the terrible diesel knock?
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