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Rusty Door Update.

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Saga since September 2008.
-Evans-Halshaw, Beverley ( 24 miles away)
Apply for Warranty claim, Dealer closes December 2008, before authority comes through! :eek13:
-Polar Ford York (50 miles away)
Apply for Warranty claim Dec 29 2008
Dealer loses paperwork, claim re-entered Feb 2009
Car goes in for work, (doors, plus I pay for bonnet & front bumper to be painted to solve stone chip problem) Easter 2009
After 9 weeks, car is returned. Abysmal paint quality, sent straight back. :angryfire:
June 2009, rejected again. :angryfire: :angryfire:
August 2009, returned, rejected, decide to have a fun weekend before it goes back again, and some @rsehole goes down off-side with a knife, down to metal. :angryfire: :angryfire: :angryfire:
Monday morning, Polar Ford York ceases to exist, now Stoneacre. Stoneacre say 'Bugger off, nowt to do with us.....' :tonofbricks:
October 2009, after the intervention of a very helpful lady from Ford Customer Care, Polar Ford Bradford agree to remedy faults. :woot:
Feb 2010, after much toing and froing due to involvement of Insurance for knife jobby (mistake!) car goes in to Bradford. :)
Yesterday, been to Bradford. So much paint on doors, they've had to take them back to bare metal. O/SF is knackered. Absolutely riddled, most likely due to delays in sorting original rust in seam. Say they will do it, but no further guarantee. N/SF is even worse! 2nd hand! White underneath paint! :tonofbricks:
Speak to bodyshop guys at York, who deny all knowledge.... :tonofbricks:
Upshot, guess who's buying 2 new front doors... :eek13:
Bloody good job I like the car (though at times. I wonder why!) :driving:
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I feel your pain brother!
Thanks for that!
Really p1ssed off at the mo, this seems to have been going on forever. I di 3700 miles in the Mondeo last year...... :eek13:
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