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rusty rear arches

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hi all i have rust coming up on my st24 rear arches and i was quoted 400 from a body shop to sort it just wanted to know is that a fair price and how long will it last for.

ive seen replacement arches on ebay for 12 quid has anyone had these done if so do they last are they any good.

many thanks
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I paid £300 for my OSR arch last year and paying same for the NSR arch next month.
Price depends on loaction really, some parts of the country are more expensive than others for bodywork, East Anglia being one of the more expensive regions by all accounts :(
Think MScotts got both of his done for £400 a while back so just shows the variation in price really.
You get what you pay for, you buy cheap arches, cheap metal wont last as long as more expensive ones. I did find a place that would have done mine for £150 all in per side but after a bit of research on the company and feedback from people that had used them, I decided to give them a wide berth.
Ford gave 2 prices depending how far they went, cheapest was £600, the other option was £1000!!! Per side!!!
Once you get the arches replaced, ask the bodyshop to put some waxoyl all over before refitting the arch liners. Will help preserve the replacements and prolong rust reappearing :L
hi i have just booked my car in at the bodyshop to get the rear arches done as they are starting to rust he is charging me £200 per side he talked me through what he was going to do.

he said rub it done straighten the arches up as they are double skinned and starting to part from each other treat the rust respray the whole rear quarter so it blends properly ans seal and waxoil it so it dont come back.

i thinks it a fair price but what i want to know is am i wasting my money because the rust may come back

many thanks
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thanks but he isnt replacing the arches themselves but just sorting the rust
Is the thread about rusty rear arches? ;)
my advise would be to have the rear arches replaced as once they start to rust it will keep rusting untill it is replace all you will be doing buy not having them replaced is throwing money away as they will probably need doing again in a couple of years time if that

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