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I leased a S-Max titanium 163ps in September and it has now done about 1500 miles so the car and tyres are nearly run in now!

I can only describe it as a masterpiece of engineering! The extras and gizmos are out of this world (you can even talk to a kind lady and ask her to turn the heating up! - what more could you want?)

The trim and attention to detail is outstanding! is is quite a few years since a bought a Ford and I must say things have gone from good to fantastic!

There is so many extras that come as standard with this car - the only extra I bought was the blind spot overtaking mirrors - what a good idea! There are radar sensors at the rear of the car that switch a yellow light on the overtaking mirror to tell you someone is in your blind spot - simple but effective - reassuring when you come down the slip road onto a motorway! Mind you the overtaking mirrors are so good you can see well anyway - they even dip as you engage reverse so that you can see the curb - another good idea!

Gripes - only a few

The big thing that nearly put me off buying an S-Max - NO Spare Wheel! just the useless bottle of gunge and a compressor - useless! still trying to think of a way around this

The rear windows are tinted - great if you are carrying the godfather of the mafia in the back (and you cant see you shopping so it wont get stolen) but .... when reversing at night the reversing lights are just not powerful enough to see through the side windows - will find a way around this eventually

The back lights seem to mist up with water inside..... and then as soon as a threaten to take it to the dealer they are OK again (perhaps some other electronic gizmo that understands my curses?)

For the life of me I just cant get the engine water filler cap off - dealer job?

Would not like to work on the engine - you cant get at anything and it goes way back underneath the passenger compartment

So thats about it....... the rest is all praise
- the room in the back is huge!
- The seats are really big and comfortable with just enough grip for safety
- The engine goes like stink! and is so quiet
- The doors close with a sound better than a Rolls Royce (or a golf)
- Like the daylight running lights
- Interior lights are bright (except the tailgate)
- Plenty of storage
- Instruments easy to read
- Radio etc controls on the steering wheel are a great boon
- Voice control of everything is a great safety feature as you can can keep your eyes on the road

Could go on but now I am boring you - its a great car with loads of room for 500 kids or an morbidly obese uncle in the back

Need any more info see me or Ford!

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