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seat loom

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hi all is there a seat loom the multiplug type on the passengers side as if im going to buy leather interior th seat wont work without the electrics .and am i right in thinking that under the leather seat on a ghia x theres two fans built in the seats are they for seat cooling? thanks karl
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Karl there is a multi plug there, as for it having the electrics for the seat, sepends on the age of your car. Is it a preface or a facelift?

As for the seats, again, depneds on the age of car they are coming from. Preface, definately not, facelift, maybe.
hi the seats are from a 2004 ghia x and mine is a 2001 ghia had a look there is multi plugs with loads of wire and some of them arent being used thanks for getting back karl

to get those seats to work in your car in terms of heat/cool will take a shed load of wiring work. The systems are very diferent between preface and facelift cars.

You also wont have the power wiring to the passenger seat to make the seat move. Rule of thumb with interiors is try to match preface to preface etc.
sound like to me brov we need to swap front seats!!! mine are from a 2002 ghia x and i need 3003/on seats swap???
ill swap if you want to just have to swap over drivers seat cover as mines got a tiny hole in it mines from a 2004
Hi m8, I converted mine to leather. My Mondeo is a 52 ghia and the conections from the leather seats did plug in to socket and car was wired to take them and the drivers seat did all the functions, not sure if it has fans or heated as I dont have the switches. I am not sure if wire loom takes the switches? I had bit of trouble with the back seats but mistake was not to take bolts from centre of the seats, take them from the circlips from outer edges next to pillars
dont know if this will be of any help but i do think that you need to know this if you are fitting a post lift interior. i recently purchased a 02 1.8 zetec. when i purchased the car the airbag light was on but i didnt think it was going be a major problem to sort out, boy was i wrong. the car had been fitted with a 04 ghia x full leather interior. after posting on here i was told that i was missing a sensor or two off the seats. first flash code was 49, i fitted a seat position sensor to the drivers seat which was easy and removed this flash code, but i then got code 16, quite a tricky job but i then fitted a seat base position sensor to the passenger seat and the light as gone off. please note that to fit the passenger seat sensor it will require taking the seat apart.

also noticed that you may be considering swapping seats. on the year 2002 there were two versions of the seat base sensor and the seat position sensor if you dont get the right ones they wont work on your vehicle.
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